Heat Pump Rebate

Receive a Rebate up to $1500 from FEC With A New Heat Pump Installation

A ducted air source heat pump is a highly efficient heating and cooling system which will heat and cool your home at a fraction of the cost of your current electric furnace. They are easily installed in new or existing homes with a current duct system.

Air source heat pumps come in many efficiency levels. Ask for a variable speed heat pump to receive the largest rebate and get the best savings.

Save Energy & Money
Install an Air Source Heat Pump and more than double the efficiency of your furnace to save money and use less energy to heat your home.

Increase Your Comfort Year Round
Heat pumps provide high efficiency heat and also deliver comfortable air conditioning during hot smoky summers.

Easy Installation
Ducted heat pumps are designed to fit in the same space as your current furnace requiring no major changes to your home.

To qualify for a rebate, heat pumps must be installed by a Flathead Electric approved installer and customers live in a single family home.

Click here for the Heat Pump Rebate Form (PDF).

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